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VA Subaru splitter

VA Subaru splitter

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Gurney flaps
Ti scuff pads

Behold, the very best 2015'+ splitter on the market that utilizes two of our track-proven tunnels to create significant downforce across the front of your VA chassis.

After over a year of development, we finally have a splitter that perfectly balances our wing package. Balancing downforce is exactly how you decrease lap times and increase driver confidence. Who doesn't want that? 

The combination of features built into this splitter is exactly what separates it from the rest. It is not just the best looking but it's the most functional AND legal for GTA street class!! Be sure you have this thing mounted SECURELY to the FRAME or structural part of the chassis!

They come in glossy raw carbon, a urethane clear coat is recommended. Please contact us if you would like us to clear it for you.

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