About us

Faircloth composites has a very humble beginning. It all started from being too cheap to pay for the carbon parts I wanted for my racecar. So I did some research, got my YouTube degree and found the materials needed to make molds and gave it a shot. Just a normal DIY type guy in a very small home basement shop. It was a measly 17'x11' framed room in the basement. toight like a tigah!!

I've always done all my own mechanical work and loved to fabricate. Composites was just the next logical step in my DIY adventures. 

Once I made a few successful parts and had an awesome full carbon splitter for my car, a friend dropped by and stole my splitter and said "bill me, k thx by  ;)"  At that point I knew there was a market for this kind of part. It was on!

Things kept slowly progressing, building 1 mold at a time. As the racecar needs kept growing so did the mold list. Plugging away working full time and nights and weekends doing 100hr weeks like a nut case.

Fast forward to 2019, this was the year I got the "official" LLC and put a plan in place to go full time with composites.  I set 1, 3 and 5 year goals only to beat them all by 2 years. We went full time in January 2022 and haven't looked back.

To this day we continue to grow and expand the business. Hiring new guys, buying reputable molds and keeping the composites market high quality.

We love the opportunity to educate customers about high quality parts and take care of every customer like they're family.