Clear coat descriptions

Choosing a "no clear" or "None" option will get you a dry carbon part that is ready for prep to be painted or wrapped. Proper cleaning and preparation is critical for real carbon fiber parts to get proper adhesion. Professional paint and prep is recommended. "No clear" parts will be the lightest of the bunch but will require constant attention to maintain their beauty if no coating is used. water and sunlight are the enemy of epoxy so keeping them clean and waxed is critical.

Choosing a "Gloss" option will get your parts coated in 3-4 coats of professional grade two stage urethane clear coat. The parts will be cleaned, prepped and shot before shipping to you. Minimal wet sanding will be done for this option to keep costs down and still offer the protection and beauty needed. Parts with urethane clear require a two week open air cure before wrap or PPF to "breathe" Some "orange peel" or dust nibs should be expected.

If you choose "Matte" for your finish option your parts will receive the same treatment as "gloss" and in addition to that they will be shot over the gloss layers with 2-4 layers of matte clearcoat. Giving a total of 4-8 coats of protection. Special care must be taken for the life of a matte cleared part to maintain its beauty. 

Now for "Show Finish" This is the top of the line, deep wet look. The cream of the crop if you will. These parts will get shot with 5-6 coats of premium automotive gloss urethane then baked in the oven before finally getting meticulously wet sanded, cut and buffed to a show car finish. The level of gloss and shine from these parts is unmatched. Ready to go from the box straight to the top of the podium at any show you enter.