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Rear diffuser

Rear diffuser

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All products are made to order, please contact us for current lead times. 

The Faircloth Composites rear diffuser is made with real aerospace grade carbon fiber and a 2mm honeycomb core structure for an extremely ridged and lightweight composite. 

It has a slightly raised and radiused front edge for ease of adjustability without creating a steep transition in the throat area. 

Also included are 4 strakes with rivets to help direct the airflow out back

A mounting solution and Corvette axle back exhaust is currently being worked out.

A diffuser works by providing a transitional area for the underbody air to decelerate and expand in area, so that it does not cause excessive flow separation or drag, by providing a smoother transition or more accurately, a pressure recovery. The diffuser itself accelerates the flow in front of it, (throat) which helps generate downforce.

Measurements with flange:

Front width 28"

Rear width  32" 

Length 35"

Height 7"

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