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Modular splitter tunnels

Modular splitter tunnels

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 These diffusers vs a flat splitter made 46% more downforce with no other changes from the splitter.  They did increase lift in the fender well, resulting in about a 35% increase in DF total on the front end. Even higher percentages can be seen with wheel well venting

These modular diffusers were designed to utilize the smooth, high speed flow under your splitter to drive increased performance., They are designed to  minimally affect the flow underneath the car to reduce drag, however do make use of some of the lateral flow structures near the outsides of the splitter to generate a vortical structure that increases diffuser angle, and as such, lowers pressure at the throat of the diffuser.  

The inner section of the diffuser is width adjustable and used to drive more flow into the wheel well while keeping it organized and tidy. 

They can be made any size from 12"wide to 14.5" wide, are 16.5" long and 5" tall. The larger outer section can be used individually for the tightest application. 

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