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C6 side skirts

C6 side skirts

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Clear coat

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Give your C6 that much more aggressive look with these side skirts that are 100% American-made and FULL carbon fiber. Never any fiberglass filler like every other side skirt on the market. When quality materials are exclusively used you get a much more durable, lighter and better looking product that will last for years.

Take a look at some of our competition's junk side skirts we used in this post about poor-quality carbon. --> 

On top of the stunning good looks, these side skirts have also shown to help rear end downforce on track and in the wind tunnel by cleaning up the underbody airflow. 

Rear flaps are included.

Comes with black head rivets for installation

Fits ZR1, Z06 and GS models

For descriptions of clearcoat differences -->

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