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C6 Fender vents

C6 Fender vents

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Behold, the next level of fender venting for the C6. 

These babies were designed as an "under-mount" so you can choose to bond them in with panel bond for a super clean, flush look, or you can also use rivets to attach them with no exposed flange.

Besides being the best-looking fender vents on the market, they also perform as a top-level carbon fiber aero part should.

Fender vents allow high-pressure air from the wheel wells to be pulled out the top of the fender, thereby reducing lift. This fact helps your splitter tunnels work more efficiently, giving the air exiting your splitter a place to go besides under the car.

As always, they are made from the best carbon fiber available, UV clear coated to last a lifetime and they also include two pieces of SS mesh to protect them from rocks, OPR, and the like. 

A suggested cut template will be provided but care should always be taken with cutting massive holes for vents. It is highly suggested to be installed by a professional with composites experience.


Measurements:  36" long 8" wide at the front and 2.75" wide at the back

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