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C6 Doors

C6 Doors

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Inner skin
Clear coat

All products are made to order, please get in touch with us for current lead times. Credit card processing fees will not be refunded because of cancelation due to lead times.

Finally, a real set of FULL CARBON FIBER doors for the C6 Corvette!! 

 These hand-made doors feature 3 separate pieces each, bonded together to make the lightest and strongest full-carbon door on the market. A full carbon inner brace is bonded to the outer skin to reinforce the stock mirror area. As usual, we never use any fiberglass filler, cheap gel coat, or junk resin in our parts. Because of this, a gutted set weighs about 6-7# and a full stock style weighs in at about 9-10# each. Significantly lighter than anything else on the market!!

The inner crash structure is not included; therefore, they are NON-DOT approved and "require" a roll cage type of protection. Not for street cars.

If interior panels are to be installed the stock-style inner skin can accept all factory-located hardware that is not included. If you choose to install interior plastics and windows an experienced shop will need to first install the needed rivnuts or bond in nuts/ studs. Some parts will need to be taken from stock doors and transferred to these doors. A reputable shop with carbon fiber experience is required. 

Pictured is a custom 8mm spread tow twill outer skin. Ask about custom weave options!! like camouflage and forged carbon.

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