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C6 Corvette roof skin only

C6 Corvette roof skin only

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This is a replacement roof skin, not a cover. 
All ya have to do is remove the stock skin from your roof frame and bond this beauty in place to have the nicest real carbon roof on the market. 

This is the replacement roof skin without the frame. It can be bonded to your existing frame just like the OEM ZR1 or bolted to tabs on a roll cage.

Made from 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Infused with high-quality American made epoxy resin for an optimal (dry) fiber-to-resin ratio of 60%/40%

This is a great way to shave +15# off the highest point on the car, lowering the center of gravity significantly. 

Pictured is a specialty 15k spread tow fabric. Standard is 2x2 twill weave

Contact us for any specialty fabric you would like to upgrade to. 

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