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Airfoil only FC12

Airfoil only FC12

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Clear coat

Save big with this airfoil only option when you DIY your own uprights. 

All products are made to order, please contact us for current lead times. 

The FC12 wing is our 12" chord single element wing. It can be made any width up to 82".

Please contact us after ordering to specify mount spacing. We can also provide you with mount hole spacing to help with fabrication of your uprights. 


This profile was designed with efficiency in mind and has a L/D ratio of 7.3. It works exceptionally well at low speeds and high angles of attack for autocross events as well as on road courses where average speeds are 100 mph+.  

Pictured is a 72" top mount with a 1/4" gurney flap and large endplates.

Made with 100% carbon fiber on CNC molds that ensure a precise fit, unmatched strength and stiffness as well as being extremely lightweight. You don't want to add weight to your car especially up high like a wing.

All of our wings are made with epoxy infused intermediate modulus carbon fiber @ 60%/40% (dry) fiber to resin content at 1/2 the cost of prepreg with all the stiffness and strength of a 100% carbon fiber wing. 

The mounts are made of solid CNC cut,  structural carbon fiber

**Clear coat is recommended for carbon fiber parts exposed to uv and water.  

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